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October 1, 2017

Who we are in 2017

“Where is that blog post you wrote in 2008 about the best mobile strategy?” said no one, ever. 

It’s been a big year for Sawaya Consulting! It’s our 10th year in business. We completed our biggest project ever (a day early and a few hours under budget). We grew to a team of six.  

We want to share and celebrate who we have become. The lessons we’ve learned, the projects that get us excited now. We’re excited to share our new website with you and we also deleted so many blog posts and old portfolio projects we can hardly believe it. 

Our blog was loaded with outdated advice. We were some of the first to build mobile apps. We were some of the first to really dig in and understand social media strategy. We built websites before responsive design and before a content management system like WordPress was mandatory. That was then.

Now we have some great wisdom to share about how to run a successful business. How clients can get the most out of their agency. We’re doing some kick ass work in the user experience (UX) space. We still love a good WordPress website but the bulk of our time is spent building custom UI solutions and running UX projects. Check out some of our recent work in our updated portfolio ›

Our new website reflects who we are now and where we are headed. We have a few open spaces for projects in the last couple months of 2017 and we’re looking to contract work for 2018. We only take on a few projects per year, we’re small by choice

Take a look around, hit us up with questions

About the author

Amber Sawaya

Amber Sawaya is a creative director, best-selling author and business owner. She designs and oversees UI, UX, app, and website projects.