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Website #4

Website #4

This is our 4th website. 

Ten years, four sites. The web keeps getting more interesting.

Websites have a shelf life of about 3-5 years. Ours is a little shorter since we are in the business of making sites. Here is an interesting look at what drove each of our sites and how they looked. 

Our First Website

Way back in the day (2007) we weren’t sure what our company would become. Would we grow it to a dozen employees? A hundred? How do you get clients if you don’t have any? What do you put in a portfolio if you haven’t done any work as your new name, even though you’ve done a ton of great stuff at other jobs? Well, the answer to all those questions was this little website that looks like a faceless stock site at this point. It did the job though, it allowed us to start booking business and to start getting our name out there.

Our Second Website

When it was time for the next site (2010) we know a lot more about who we are and who we want to be. Clients don’t need another faceless mega-agency. They need to work with people they know, like and trust. We revamped our site to be much more modern (at the time), friendlier, more personal and to showcase our work better. Over the next few years we’d bolt on more and more upgrades to the site, a better portfolio control, a better client logo display. 

Our Third Website

There were two driving factors when we built this site (2014)—it needed to be responsive and we needed a real logo. Every month we’d look at traffic reports and see that we had more and more mobile traffic. We knew it was time for us to have a responsive site if we were going to keep selling the benefits of them. This site is more of a refresh—new design, a couple new pages, polished copy, but continues to strengthen the company we had become. 


Our Fourth Website

In late 2017 we launched this, our fourth website. We stripped out hundreds of blog posts and portfolio pieces. We dialed in exactly what we wanted to say about who we have become over the last 10 years. We opted to showcase only a few current projects and for the first time highlighted our UI/UX work prominently.