Update — Remote Teams, Animaniacs, Customer Stories & a new Use Case

If you are a client then I’ve been on your case about blogging and social media. And look. The cobbler’s children are going barefoot (again). We’ve only posted FIVE articles this year. At least on this website…

2016 has been a fantastic year for Sawaya Consulting. We’ve been doing some amazing UI/UX work with clients on the west coast and locally and that side of our business is growing in leaps and bounds. 

We’ve also gone deep with two startups, one here in Salt Lake City and another in Arizona. And I mean deep. In fact, Amber just celebrated her one-year anniversary at Limnu—more on that below.

So we haven’t had much to say on our own blog (although we have worked on our case studies this year), but man we’ve written some cool stuff for clients. We’ve also upped our game with our core WordPress consulting, creating more websites, faster, and that work better for clients. We’ve also grown. Our Slack team went from three to eight this summer. This means more #catpictures and a slightly more professional bio for Amber.

Do you know what though? Things are going great. We have an amazing crew and we’re doing the best work we’ve ever done. We’re gearing up for a big celebration—next year will be our 10th year in business. 

Alright — so what have we done?

These are some of our favorite posts we’ve written for clients over the last year:

1 Year at Limnu — What I Learned Working on a Small Team

I’ve been working with Limnu for just over a year now. We are a small team that’s gone from a pretty cool idea to a fledgling startup to a solid business that is on the verge of doing some big stuff.

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Case Study / Sharpr Website Leads

Check out this awesome chart a client shared with us — this is a graph of the leads from their website showing total leads and quality leads.

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Limnu Customer Stories

Solve problems and bring teams together—Limnu has some amazing customer stories from worldwide mass-collaboration sessions to supporting the forefront of edtech. 

Customer Stories ›

Working with Remote Teams

This is a collection of articles from when Limnu launched their teams initiative. Some great articles about experiences and advice working on remote teams — in 10 years at Sawaya Consulting we’ve been mostly remote with our clients. 

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So it might be a while before you hear from us again — we have plans to release new case studies and stats before the end of the year. Just know we’re pushing pixels and flipping code at light speed. 

Thanks to our clients and consultants — you are the reason we love to do what we do!

Amber Sawaya is a creative director, best-selling author and business owner. She designs and oversees UI, UX, app, and website projects.