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We’re celebrating

10 years in business.

We’re celebrating

creating hundreds of projects with a small team of designers and developers that work closely together from start to finish.

What can a unified design & development partnership do for your next project?

A Unified Design & Development Team

Design should be more than pretty. Development should be more than functionable. We’ve spent the last 10 years building projects and a business that supports a combined design+technology strategy for our clients. 

We know that developers that attend the proposal meetings and designers that help with the QA build better products. Teams with a long history together that trust each other are unstoppable.

We only work with a few clients per year. We’ve decided to stay small by choice and part of that is choosing the right clients for our unique approach.


  • Design & Development Projects

  • Websites

  • UI & Prototypes

  • User Experience (UX)

Project Magic = What we’re good at + What you’re good at

Look at what we do

Boart Longyear

Website with a strong product and content marketing focus


UI/UX for machine learning to tame and make sense of visual assets

Concrete Coatings, Inc.

Website and mobile site with product information for customers


UI/UX to view movie dailies for film crews, directors, and producers

Notes From Our Clients

Our experience with Sawaya Consulting is outstanding—flawless project management, clear communication, and a relentless ability to deliver. They are a complete joy to work with.
Beth Loughney, CEO, Zorroa
Sawaya Consulting brings a wealth of expertise to the table, but evaluate our requests before jumping in to work. They help us get the most out of our time and budget.
David (grue) DeBry, CEO, Limnu
It has been a pleasure and relief working with Sawaya Consulting. They don’t just do what you ask—they have great suggestions that make my life easier and the site stronger.
SuAn Chow, Chow Truck
Sawaya Consulting is the perfect combination of design and technology, a balance rarely found in the industry. Everything that was promised, was delivered.
Cody Dingus, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Boart Longyear
Sawaya Consulting has been a proverbial ace in the hole with our system and servers. They carry deep technical expertise and have been a real pleasure to work with.
Sawaya Consulting manages to integrate seamlessly with our in-house resources. Despite the project’s complexity, they ensured that goals, deadlines, and expectations were always clear.
Kent Lewin, CIO, SOS Staffing, Inc

Some testimonials have been edited for length and clarity.

Would you be a good fit?

If you can answer “hell yes!” to the following, we’d love to talk to you:

Ideal Web Clients:

Are ready for a serious website that will work as hard for you as a full time employee.

Have a mature enough business to know which direction you are headed.

Are willing to commit the time and budget needed to meet your goals.

Have a great product or service you are ready to showcase to the world.

Ideal UI/UX Clients:

Have a working prototype that is ready for an user interface upgrade and results-driven user experience focus.

Cultivate a spirit of collaboration between design and engineering, knowing that the best work comes when we brainstorm and work together.

Are ready to begin a short engagement to try out our work with a longer commitment possible in the future.

Get a unified design + technology team on your next project.

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