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High West UX

User interface and user experience work

We’ve been focusing on UX work for several years now, working in some of the most interesting industries for some of the biggest companies. We know how hard it is to find an experienced UX person.

Our portfolio is full of awesome UX case studies, that’s probably the best place to get to see our capabilities in action. See what we are doing in AI/machine learning, our work in the film industry, and see the work a client patented.

UX Magic

We believe in magic when it comes to user interfaces. Good design is intentional.

Making sure first-time users can work intuitively and come up to speed quickly is important.

Making sure advanced users discover power features at the exact moment they need them is magic.

We have a lot of magic and advice to share. Let’s talk about your project.

3 pieces of UX advice

  • Keep the action near the outcome, users need to feel in control.

  • New users need intuitive UIs, power users need feature discovery.

  • Some users lean back, some lean forward. Design for active and passive use.

Get our UX Magic

If you’ve been through other pages on our website you know we are small by choice and only take on a few clients per year. This goes double for our UX clients.

Being good at UX is a combination of design talent to pull together a functional user interface and research/experience to make that user interface work in a delightful and intuitive way for your customers.  Designers that know how to code build more functional and feasible UIs and work better with engineers.

We embed in client teams for long-contract UX work from personas and information architecture to user interface design and prototype builds to user testing and functional improvements. Contact us to learn more about our UX methodology.

Hours of UX Experience

UX patent

Complete UI Platforms

Would you be a good fit?

If you can answer “hell yes!” to the following, we’d love to talk to you:

Ideal UI/UX Clients:

Have a working prototype that is ready for an user interface upgrade and results-driven user experience focus.

Cultivate a spirit of collaboration between design and engineering, knowing that the best work comes when we brainstorm and work together.

Are ready to begin a short engagement to try out our work with a longer commitment possible in the future.

UX is part research, part intuition, part experience, and part magic.