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June 28, 2016

Sweet UI: CoSchedule’s Sign Up Screen

I live, eat, and breathe UI and UX, so when I find those little UX notes I like to gather them together and pass them along.

This is CoSchedule’s sign up page. What makes it a sweet UI:

  • Friendly signup page — that means big, open boxes, easy to fill out information.
  • Focused — the sign up page has no links (not even the logo in the header), no sub-paths, no other options but to sign up. The user has clicked to start an action the company wants them to take—don’t lose them now!
  • Customer quote with a photo — social proof at the time that it matters most.
  • Reassurance — No credit card required. Cancel anytime.
  • Action button — reaffirms you are starting a free trial.
  • But the best part—the reason this caught my attention—is the background. Instead of an image or solid color they show the calendar you are starting to set up. This makes the sign up page feel more actionable and the user feels closer to completing their desired action.


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