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Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

High mountain living.

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Most of our team was born and raised in Salt Lake City. Some of us left. Some of us came back. The partners have been here since day one. 

We have several national clients based in Salt Lake City and even more clients that are outside of Utah.

Living in the Mountain Time Zone (it’s currently here) means we can work just as well with our California clients as we do with our New York clients.

An international airport is just 20 minutes away, so we can be on either coast in about 4 hours for a meeting.

We are here

Most of the team is in Salt Lake City but we have an outpost in Dallas, TX and Brooklyn, NY. Currently our clients hail  from all over the United States.

Salt Lake City is an interesting place. We are descendants of pioneers living in an emerging tech hub. Some of the biggest technology companies have offices and headquarters here. With that comes an influx of great things—cultural experiences, hipster coffee, transportation improvements and more.

Sawaya Consulting is made up of people that are a bit of a cultural mismatch for what you think about Utah. We know that Salt Lake City can be weird and ordering a gin and tonic can get even weirder. But hey, we love this place and if you need a ski trip or hike through the desert hiring us may be the perfect excuse.

Some things we love about living here

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