Who We Are in 2017

Tidy Up Your Blog

“Where is that blog post you wrote in 2008 about the best mobile strategy?” said no one, ever. 

It’s time to clean up around this joint. We’ve written a lot of blog posts in our 10-year history. We’ve worked with a lot of clients and released a lot of projects. While we are proud of every single one of them, it doesn’t really help new clients get to know us by looking at a website that’s since been replaced two or three times.

We want to share and celebrate who we have become. The lessons we’ve learned, the projects that get us excited now.

Our blog was loaded with outdated advice. We were some of the first to build mobile apps. We were some of the first to really dig in and understand social media strategy. We built websites before responsive design and before a content management system like WordPress was mandatory. That was then.

Now we have some great wisdom to share about how to run a successful business. How clients can get the most out of their agency. We’re doing some kick ass work in the user experience (UX) space. We still love a good WordPress website but the bulk of our time is spent building custom UI solutions.

With that focus, it’s time to nuke a bunch of stuff off this website. For years we’ve felt like having a record of almost everything we’ve done was helpful, but now it just feels like a slog.

The Plan

Over the next several weeks things will continue to disappear from our site. As of today, most of our old blog posts have been deleted. Some key ones have been marked for 2017 updates. Once the blog is cleaned up we’re going to start removing old projects and trimming down our client list.

Out with the old, in with the new!

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Amber Sawaya is a creative director, best-selling author and business owner. She designs and oversees UI, UX, app, and website projects.