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November 23, 2015

Feature Requests & Ketchup

Here are a couple little UX Notes to help you understand the difference between UI/UX and the pitfalls of feature requests. 

How UI and UX are different.

You hear the terms UI and UX meshed together and thrown about. UI is the user interface, the actual thing that someone uses. UX is the user experience, how do they feel using it and how does that make them act. 

This is a great image I found on Pinterest to explain it. 

To be completely realistic, sometimes you sacrifice some UI for a better UX.

Pitfalls of feature requests.

“Sometimes feature requests are actually usability issues in disguise”

This is a quote from Integrating Feature Requests Without Destroying Your Product. We’re working with several teams doing ongoing UI/UX, so we actively work with this issue.

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