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Sawaya Consulting Standards of Ethical Practice

We believe in doing good work for a fair price.

We believe in using our talent and time for good companies.

We believe in supporting each other and our community.


Give Back

We are very fortunate to do what we love everyday and we want to share that time and talent. We donate money to non-profits, we donate work and resources to select organizations that need our help.

Made in the USA

We support the American Dream, diversity, and freedom. We think that work, ideas, and revenue should stay in local economies. We choose to support the community we live in and we do not hire offshore developers to save a buck. We get coffee from our local coffee shop. We attend local tech and design events. 

Fair Pricing

We are honest and upfront about costs. We charge reasonable fees based on the work we do, the market, and our expertise. We do not undercut our competitors or discount work on the hopes of future payouts. We will work with clients on payments when necessary—we want you to succeed. We do not charge hidden fees, and we do not accept kickbacks.

Clients Get Our Best Work

We work hard to understand our clients’ businesses so we can work as if it is our own business. We save money where we can, we advise on pitfalls before they become problems. We are deeply passionate about what you do, what we do, and the power of that partnership. We don’t chase new clients at the expense of current work or existing relationships. We don’t take on more than we can handle. We’re small by choice.

No Conflicts of Interest

We do not take on work for competing clients. We never share or reuse a project for a competitor. We refuse any project that starts as a request to “just re-skin” something someone else has produced. We procure all required licenses for any images, code, plugins and other works.

We Keep Your Secrets

Our work in progress and work in our portfolio always maintains your confidentiality and your competitive edge.

We Welcome Fair Competition

We will not yank a project or client out from another firm. We will make sure a client has appropriately terminated past relationships before we start work. No one on our team will denigrate work another designer or developer has done with a client. Critiques of work will be fair, objective, and balanced.

We Don’t Produce Harmful Work

We will not design user interfaces that trick users, we will not use our talents to promote unethical businesses, or produce junk the world doesn’t need.

Business Continuity

We are small and know we are an important part of each client’s business. We provide for business continuity and have a working plan for potential tragic issues.