Hello! Thank you for your interest in Sawaya Consulting. This page explains our high-level pricing and will help you decide if you wish to pursue becoming a client.


The best way to get to know us and see if we’ll be a good fit for your project is to review our website. Our portfolio of work, our business practices and our getting started guide can all be useful resources.

One of the most important aspects of the business we have created is great customer service. We know sometimes that is just a line people throw out, but to us it’s a mandate that we deliver on. There are so many designers and developers out there that don’t deliver on the customer service front, it seems like everyone has a war story. We have created and continue to streamline processes to deliver on the best customer service partnership. At the end of the project you should have something really great, but we also believe you should truly enjoy getting there. These are a few of our processes for being a great partner:

  • Project Organization — projects are laid out in a statement of work and Gantt-chart style outlines, so everyone knows where we are and where we are going.
  • Asset Sharing — all clients get access to Dropbox where we store information related to the project, including project documents and design drafts as well as all meeting notes and agendas.
  • Proactive Updates — you will never wonder what is going on with your project, we give proactive updates on progress, time and cost.
  • Responsive Communications — we answer the phone when it rings, we reply to all email by the end of the day and we provide ways to get in touch with us during off hours if you ever need it.


Every project is different, making it impossible to post exact pricing on our website. You can learn a little more about this in the How to Evaluate a Firm section of our Client Resources page. That being said, we can share some basic ballpark numbers to help you understand if we’ll be in your budget.

Our basic websites start at $5,000 – $10,000. These sites are mostly information-based sites, but may have some limited functionality with forms and other simple tools.

Our basic web apps and medium-sized sites are $15,000 – $30,000. These apps and sites will have several pieces of functionality and may also contain backend databases and other management tools.

Our higher end web apps and sites are $60,000 – $100,000 and include completely custom functionality, tie-ins with other systems and robust features.

We develop everything with hand-coded HTML/CSS/PHP and then develop it on WordPress as our content management system. At this point, all websites should include a CMS so clients can make their own edits and updates (or contract with us to do so). We do not charge ongoing maintenance or license fees, but can be contracted at our standard hourly rate of $175/hour for tasks related to your project.


Our projects are generally bid as Fixed-Bid or Reserved Hourly, which gives you a final price that you will pay working with us. We do this to better communicate the overall value of a project instead of relying just on hourly rates and billable hours.

Straight graphic designers will often be less expensive than our hourly rate—but that’s because our work isn’t straight graphic design. We call what we do tech design—and that includes information architecture (AI), user experience (UX) expertise, and the development background to design really good UIs that work for users and can be efficiently and effectively built. We don’t approach our hourly rate as just the time it takes to do something, we approach it with the mindset of all the talent, experience and expertise that combine to produce something amazingly beautiful and effective.

Project Planning

To help us estimate your project and get to know you better we have provided a project planning guide as a Word Doc. Please download and fill it out, saving the document with your organization name and emailing the completed document (instructions are in the document). We realize this is quite a bit to ask up front, but this information is extremely valuable to get documented at the outset of a project.

Download Project Planning Doc