We’ve worked with many clients over many years and we’ve learned a thing or two. Let us help you get your bearings.

Whether you choose to pursue becoming a Sawaya Consulting client or you go with another firm we put this page together to help you. If you have specific questions or would like clarification on anything we’d love the opportunity to talk to you.

These are some of the most often asked questions, but this is certainly not a comprehensive list. We often say that one of the best ways to decide if you want to work with someone is how the interview/proposal process goes. The questions people ask, the way they communicate, all of that can really give you good insight around how your project will flow.


Working with Us

Getting Started

Like what you see, but don’t know what’s next? It’s easy, give us a call at (801) 931-6554 or shoot us an email at our hello@ email address. Tell us a little about your project and how you found us. We’ll briefly discuss what you are looking for and see if we’re a good fit.

Ways to Work with Us

We offer two types of work structures — Project Estimates and Reserved Hourly.

Most of the projects we do are Project Estimates. We will work with you to scope out your project and provide a solid estimate. We then check in with you weekly on time and cost and invoice monthly. Doing estimates instead of fixed bids helps us all have the flexibility to add new ideas, change priority, or remove items. We can always help you figure out if a new idea is going to add time or cost, we know you need to keep an eye on the budget and we take that stewardship of your costs seriously.

The important thing here is to make sure that you are working with a firm that can bid your project with total honesty and enough experience to give you a correct estimate.

If you have a project that will be rapidly changing scope, you aren’t quite sure exactly what you need, or you need ongoing work from us we can put together a Reserved Hourly Agreement. This outlines our rate, a set number of hours and a timeframe that those hours are reserved for. Work is tracked hourly and billed monthly. A Reserved Hourly Agreement allows us to plan for your work, get you on our schedule and ensure we meet your deadlines and are here when you need us.

To recap, you can hire us with one of two agreements:

  • Project Estimate — the scope of work, deliverables, and everything about your project in one estimate, tracked and billed regularly to allow for flexibility and new ideas.
  • Reserved Hourly — a set number of hours for a set period of time, tracked hourly and billed monthly.

How to Evaluate a Firm

Picking the right firm for you should be a mix of talent, expertise, proposed solution, time, cost and overall enjoyability.

You should make sure you like what a firm is showing in their portfolio. That will be their style and the level of work they will do.

As you evaluate a firm also take a look at their blog and social media. Get a feel for how they communicate and how they are building a long-term business. You can always ask for references as well.

Assuming the other factors (talent, expertise, proposed solution, time and cost) are taken care of we highly recommend you pick the firm you want to work with. The people that will get back to you in a timely manner. The ones that communicate the way you like to communicate. Extra points if you laugh at each other’s jokes. Chances are this will be several months of your life spent with this firm—and you should enjoy it every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose clients?

This may be a surprising question for some—but for us we make the choice to work with clients a much as they make the choice to work with us. We want to do good work for good people—and owning the business has the perk of allowing us to make that decision. We choose clients that are doing things we are interested in supporting and being part of. We are proud of every single client and project in our portfolio. From those that are pushing science by sequencing and interpreting the human genome to those that are making the best waffles in Utah.

Being careful with the clients we choose to work with keeps business flowing so we can keep our promises around deadlines, and ensure we are building a sustainable business. You’ll want a firm that is here for the long haul.

Do you answer RFPs?

Usually not. We think the best way to know if you want to work with someone is to talk to them and work through the bid process with them. This will show you more about the working relationship and the people you are hiring than any RFP ever will. RFPs take a considerable amount of time (usually 40-120 hours of work just to respond) and we’d rather take that time and donate it to a non-profit or spend it making meaningful connections with people.

That being said if it’s a project we want to do more than anything we’ll consider responding.

What does a website / app / tool cost?

We wish it was as easy as slapping a price up here for you—but every project is different. We have to consider many factors—which services you need from us, what the final solution will be, technical considerations, etc.  Within the first conversation or two we can give you a ballpark estimate. That helps us all know if we need to go into the proposal phase.

We’ll ask you about your budget during the first meeting — if you have it, please feel free to share it. It really doesn’t make dollar signs light up in our eyes, it helps us know what we should propose to you. With that said, we don’t expect you to necessarily have a budget yet. We know you need to see some prices to know what will work. We’ll help you get to the right price for your project.

What is your payment schedule?

We check in with clients once a week on time and cost and invoice monthly.

Who owns the project when it’s complete?

You do. We transfer the copyright, base files and code of all final projects to the client. You can take it and resell it if you want, it’s yours. We do not charge any ongoing maintenance fees for your project (outside of things like web hosting). We do retain the right to reuse pieces of code if appropriate on other projects. We would not build the same project for a competing business though, that’s just not right.

Do you have references? 

Yes! Lots! You can take a look at our client list and testimonials here › If you’d like to speak to our clients we can put together a reference list for you. We try to match up the right references for your project and we always contact them first so they are ready to talk to you.

I have another question…

Give us a call at (801) 931-6554 or send us an email. We’d love to answer any question you can think of.

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