Color denotes size.

Small by Choice

Small by Choice

We are small by choice.

Growth was never a challenge. Choosing to stay small is.

People think that the only way to create success is by growth. More projects, more employees, a bigger office. We believe that staying small is our success.

We’ve had compelling reasons to grow. We’ve been outright asked to grow. Our clients could hire us for additional services. They could run more projects with us simultaneously.

We could make more money if we flipped more websites in a year. Hell, we could retire early if all we wanted to do was peddle $40k cookie cutter websites. We want something else.

We want to work with the best people. We want to cherry pick the best clients. We want to work on the most interesting and important projects. And we do. 

Small & Nimble

Small and nimble by choice doesn’t mean our projects or our clients are small. We are in league with firms that are 10x our size. There are firms we’re always going up against and we understand their strengths and weaknesses.

We only take on a few projects per year and one of those other firms may be a better fit. If they are, we’ll let you know and make an introduction if we can.


  • The team is amazing.

  • We deliver on promises.

  • The power of choice.

Amazing Talent + Promises Delivered + Best Projects = Magic

3 reasons we are small, explained

The team is amazing.

Our team has a long history together. We trust and respect each other. We perfectly round out each others’ skill sets. We’ve built hundreds of amazing things together and we continue to be excited to do it all again. 

We deliver on promises.

We deliver, because we made the promises. The promises are quality of work, enjoyment of the process, timelines, budgets, and outcomes. In larger firms you will meet with a sales person, a principal, an account manager, and in the background will be your designers and developers. Those are a lot of layers and that doesn’t work for us. We know because we’ve worked in those firms and we know how things break down.

The power of choice.

We choose our clients and projects carefully. We are here to love what we do and consistently deliver excellence. If we don’t think we can do both of those things we pass on the project. Our project choices are intentional and our clients get the full benefit of us wanting to be here and doing this for them.