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Some Legally Good UX

I love a good quote from a client — and this one takes a slightly different form. A client is applying for a patent on one of the user interfaces we did for them. This was a deep project and really helped us sort through and refine our entire UI/UX process.

January 12, 2017

2016 Holiday Email

We are as excited as ever about the direction and projects at Sawaya Consulting. As we enter 2017—our 10th year in business!—we want to thank everyone that helped us get here, from our friends and family, to our amazing consultants, to our incredible clients. We love having the opportunity to do great work with great people.

Sawaya Consulting Welcomes Concrete Coatings

You will not believe what you can do with concrete! These guys have been doing incredible work since 1996. They have a bunch of really cool products (and some pretty exciting things in the works). They recently came on board with us to do a new project and we’ll share that when it’s ready. Welcome to the crew! […]

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