Check out this awesome chart a client shared with us — this is a graph of the leads from their website showing total leads and quality leads.

Note, the numbers displayed on this chart have been blurred by random factor, while their relationship to each other is correct, the actual numbers are confidential

Let’s talk about what makes this so cool — these guys have had three websites and we’ve worked on two of them now.

Notice something? The leads and quality of leads took a dive during the reign of the Right Intel second website. However, since the rebranding to Sharpr and launch in February the leads have been better and more consistent.

The Right Intel website was live from December 2014 – January 2016.

The new Sharpr website has been live since February 2016.

With a huge redesign and rebrand like this the change in leads could be anything — the new logo, the new images, a better focus for the company, but I’ll tell you what it really is. 

The old site was huge — lots of ways to interact, lots of information. Webinars, learning center, resource center, lots and lots going on. And we tend to think of that as a good thing when you build a website. More pages gives you more content opportunities for SEO. 

The new site is small and focused — all playing off a one-page design. It has a popup asking for your information to get a demo. And guess what? People use it. A huge four-letter startup that lets you use your phone to order up a car used it. That startup is now a client of my client. BLAMMO!

So what did we learn? A bigger website is not necessarily the better bet for your company.

A smaller, focused website can often give your prospective customers all they need to make the move to contact you. 

Findings & Results

Sharpr rethought their website and launched a much smaller — one page — website. They were able to garner more leads and higher quality leads. 

23% increase in leads*

64% increase in quality leads*

*Averaged over the same time period, February – May.

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