Right Intel was ready to take their platform to the next level. Their CTO had worked with Sawaya Consulting partner Amber Sawaya at a previous job and brought us in to talk to them. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the beginning the CEO wasn’t sure that they needed to bring in a UI / UX designer—they already had a very good freelancer that had shaped their design. The CTO pitched our services as the vital missing link between design and development.

Good design is good design, but technology design—a focus on how a user interacts with a platform and designing specifically for those interactions—is its own specialty.

After our first project together the CEO was sold on bringing us on and we’ve worked with them on a continuous basis since 2013.

Project Highlights

  • Ongoing engagement—two years and more than 70 projects to date.

  • Work with the client from initial ideas and information architecture through user interface design through user experience.

  • Flexible Reserved Hourly working agreement helps projects remain flexible while keeping an eye on where the best bet for our time is.


We do a lot of projects with Right Intel—we just topped 70 separate projects and counting! For each project we come in at different points—sometimes at the dawn of an idea and sometimes after we see it in a production release.

  • Information Architecture (IA) – When there is a new idea on the table and it’s beginning to take shape we’ll work on information architecture with Right Intel. This includes brainstorming meetings, research, wireframes, user flows, and information maps. You can see examples of this in our portfolio:

Information Architecture Case Study #1
Information Architecture Case Study #1

Right Intel IA Case Study #1
Information Architecture Case Study #2

  • User Interface (UI) – About 80% of the work we do for Right Intel is user interface design. We started with a big project to do overall cleanup. Now our work is to introduce new features, help work in client requests, or go back and improve older features.
  • User Experience (UX) – While user experience work is peppered throughout everything we do sometimes it’s the main focus of a project. This entails taking customer feedback and fixing things that are frustrating or making things easier or more fun to use. We also provide our own feedback, we believe you should dog food every project. We use Right Intel when we work with them, but we also use it to work with our other clients. That helps us identify things that could be improved to give a better UX.

Selected Projects

Here are some of our favorite projects we’ve worked on with Right Intel.

Right Intel Tour

Product Tour

The product tour helps with customer onboarding. It encourages customers to complete a task and then go to the next piece we want to introduce them to.

Mobile INTEL IT!

Right Intel allows users to store a lot of interesting information in a post. That’s great, but to do it on a tiny screen we had to get creative with how we display options.

Curate Tab Redesign

Curate Tab Update

The Right Intel platform allows users to add in different feeds and then automatically watches for relevant information. We helped streamline this process.


File Manager

Each post can have multiple files attached to it. We worked out a simple way to preview and work through multiple files at the same time.

Additional Projects

Release Notes

A New Way to Work

Most of the projects we’ve done up to this point have been fixed bid—but we needed a new way to account for work that doesn’t have a definitive start and end.

We worked with Right Intel to come up with a Reserved Hourly structure. This sets a number of hours, a rate and a time period, then we work with them to decide where that is best spent. This has become the template for how we do all of our UI/UX work. It allows us to plan for the work and ensures a priority spot in our schedules, while giving the project maximum flexibility to take shape.

With new clients we normally do a 10-20 hour contract so that everyone can get their feet wet and make sure it’s a good fit and value. From there all of our clients have gone to larger reserved hourlies. Right Intel gives us a quarterly budget and we work with them to stay within it.

Client Feedback

While the length and depth of our engagement with Right Intel shows happy they’ve been with us, it’s also a unique view when the clients put it in their own words. Take it away, boys:

Amber has stepped in and filled a vital role in our team; she takes an idea written on a whiteboard and turns it into something our programmers can build and our clients will love. She has great customer insight and is always looking for the best solution to a problem. She rocks!

— Chuck Sharp, CEO

Amber understands the hierarchy of UX and UI needs and nails requirements with great looking designs and intuitive interfaces. Her mastery of of web technologies makes her a natural extension of our web development team. I’ve worked with Amber for several years and she is truly the best.

— Ken Snyder, CTO


Your Next UI / UX Project


We love doing UI/UX work and appreciate Right Intel choosing us as their partner. Could you use our services on your app, platform or project?

We offer flexible work schedules and always keep our eye on delivering the most value for your time with us. If you have an app, a platform or a project with a user interface that needs some professional help, please contact us.

Fix your user interface.

Do you have an app, platform, or project that needs some UI/UX love? Let’s talk about it and see if we are a good fit.

(801) 931-6554

Project Credits

Special thanks to everyone that works on these projects:

  • Amber Sawaya, Sawaya Consulting
  • Steve Sawaya, Sawaya Consulting
  • Chuck Sharp, Right Intel
  • Ken Snyder, Right Intel
  • Dave Slaugh, Right Intel
  • Tayler Summers, Right Intel
  • Josh Sorkin, Right Intel

We only allow people to work on the project if their last name starts with ’S’.

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