Our in-depth UI & UX case studies help potential clients evaluate our work over the arc of a larger project.

While many of these projects are also in our portfolio, we know that evaluating a UI/UX team takes a little more than looking at the finished project. 

We’ve always built websites, which are really mini UI/UX projects. Over the last few years we’ve successfully expanded our user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) work. These projects are so much more than the finished product. Often the groundwork that comes out of an in-depth UI/UX project goes on to inform many later projects.

While much of this foundation-level work is confidential, we have selected a few pieces to share with our clients’ approval. If you would like to see more, we are happy to walk you through additional pieces in person.

Our UI/UX work is a little different than other projects. The fluid nature and longer timeframes work much better when structured as Reserved Hourly agreements rather than Fixed-Bid agreements. One thing we’ve found time and time again, clients will start with a handful of hours and then opt to work with us on a regular monthly or quarterly schedule. We help introduce new features, evaluate user requests, conduct user testing, and improve user experience on an ongoing basis.

Our UI/UX projects encompass:

  • Information Architecture
    • Sitemaps
    • Wireframes
    • User Flows
    • New Feature Evaluation / Mapping
    • Personas
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Testing & Consulting


Action Target UI/UX

Action Target was ready to redesign the user interfaces on their gun range controllers and brought in Sawaya Consulting to help with the design, information architecture (IA), and user experience (UX). The system was originally designed by engineers and bringing in a team that focuses on app design and how people use it made a huge impact to the project.

See the Action Target UI/UX case study ›


Right Intel Ongoing UI/UX

Right Intel had developed a solid platform and was looking to take it to the next level. Their CTO had worked with Sawaya Consulting partner Amber Sawaya at a previous job and brought us in to talk to them. The rest, as they say, is history.

See the Right Intel Ongoing UI/UX case study ›

Want to see a mini case study? Check out what we’ve done for Limnu. You can also see everything we’ve tagged with UX on our site.