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About Us

About Us

Hello, we are Sawaya Consulting.

We are passionate about the way we do business and the business we own.

We have a few things figured out after 10 years in business.

Our unique approach

Keeping clients, projects, consultants, budgets and time frames aligned and working smoothly is central to our business. We know how to create project success.

There are a lot of good firms out there. A bunch of really great designers and developers. And then there are those that can get the job done, get the job right, and build a business that will be here to support you for years.

See, the thing is, running a business is only 50% what you are good at. The rest is actually running the business. Getting good clients, creating projects that meet the goals and work for the client, and keeping everyone happy in the process.

And we’re better at that than most. Just ask our current clients.

We product efficient and elegant projects because we make sure that from contract negotiation to launch day everyone understands budgets, timelines, and goals.

We set out with some strong guiding principles. We’ve refined and worked them over the last decade—and to this day we believe:

Designers and developers should work closely together to make sure that we’re solving problems visually and functionally.

Good design produces results. Design that only looks good is useless. Don’t get us wrong, design awards are great—and we have quite a few of them—but good design works for the client and the project.

Clients should expect the thing that comes out of development to look just like what they approved in design. Our designers care about code and our developers care about design.

Besides our beliefs on work we have some strongly held ethical beliefs.

The Sawaya Consulting Story

Amber and Steve Sawaya set out to build a firm that could deliver a combined design+technology strategy for our clients. Now, 10 years later, we’re proud of the passion and solutions we continue to provide. 

We only work with a few clients per year. We’ve decided to stay small by choice and part of that is choosing the right clients for our unique approach.

Things like elegant solutions, working efficiently, supporting our community, and adhering to ethical practices are important to us.


  • UI/UX

  • Web Design + Development
    WordPress, Apps, Mobile, Web-based platforms

Award-winning design + bullet-proof development + efficient client services.