We are passionate about the way we do business and the business we own.

Keeping clients, projects, consultants, budgets and time frames aligned and working smoothly is central to our business. These are some of our guiding principles:

Information Management

All businesses have information to manage and present to customers. We help businesses get their information where it needs to be with design and IT solutions.

No Surprises Here

We focus on creating, documenting and implementing sustainable business practices. This means you can always clearly understand what we do. Learn more in the How We Work section ›

Complex Appears Simple

We work with complex information systems, corporate tools and integrated web solutions—and we make all of these easy for your end user to understand and work with.

I.T. Makes Business Easier

Your IT solutions should make doing business easier—not get in your way.

Design Creates Results

Awards are great—we have quite a few of them—but design should do more than look good. It should produce results.

Your Project Should Work for You

We implement systems that do what you need them to, ensuring you aren’t spending your time managing yet another item on your daily To Do list.

Electronic Communication is Fast

We work quickly and efficiently to get your product or service ready for you faster. We leverage prior projects to provide as many off-the-shelf solutions as possible.

We are Easy to Work With

Our business practices help everyone understand their role and work effectively. We communicate clearly and professionally.

Business Has Responsibility to the Community

We believe that all businesses have responsibilities to the communities they operate in — from supporting our industry communities by serving on local advisory boards, to helping keep tax dollars and consumer spending in our local economy, to contributing annually to community programs we uphold and support our Salt Lake City, Utah and United States communities.

Helping You Build Your Business

Prior to forming SAWAYA consulting in 2007 we worked with some of the largest companies in the world. We’ve done some amazing things with them—and can do some amazing things with you. We’re passionate, committed and talented and we want to help you create success in your industry.

Small by Choice

We’ve had several opportunities to grow our business by adding a larger office and more employees. We’ve made the choice to keep it small. There are several reasons for this, but the driving reason is that every time we sit in a pitch meeting and make promises we are the same people that will deliver on those promises. Larger firms are great, and they can offer more varied services—but you will often meet with a salesperson, be transitioned to an account manager and maybe never meet your designers or developers in person. That’s just not for us and our clients have loved the experience of working with our small team. When we promise something come hell or highwater we know we mean it.

Our History

We built our first website together way back in 2006—and when that website was featured in a magazine we knew we were in for something great. We started our business when we both worked other gigs and filed our incorporation paperwork in September 2007. Steve joined Sawaya Consulting full time in fall 2008 after the small company he worked for sold to Raytheon. Amber followed the next spring in February 2009.

If Malcolm Gladwell is right and it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert then we’re in good shape. We’d banked more than that before we started our company and have recently banked 10k as business owners. We’re in the right time and the right place to make a living doing what we love!

What are our clients saying?

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Fully Staffed Without the Staff

The core of the business is directed by partners Steve Sawaya and Amber Sawaya.

This core is augmented with other consultants to form the perfect team for each project—that way clients get just what they need and don’t pay for what they don’t.


Amber is an award-winning designer who has worked with local and international clients including Visa, MasterCard, Target, AT&T and Xbox. She has served on the local Board of Directors for the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Her first book is the #1 Amazon Best Seller Building a Mobile App.


Steve has over twenty years of experience in various Information Technology industries, from Internet and Application Service Providers to Web Development to Software Development. He specializes in detail-oriented systems and network design from conception to implementation, web application development and systems security.

Photos by Amanda Nelson Photography

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