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Whew! So many launches!

August 2, 2013 | Written by Amber Sawaya

It’s been a big week at Sawaya Consulting. Actually it’s been a big year and this is just the final point of several projects. We’ve been busting out work like nobody’s business and we launched *THREE* websites in the last week.

Sometimes when we get busy our online portfolio doesn’t always stay updated, or we don’t stay on top of blogging. We have to remind ourselves that is ok sometimes—current clients always come first.

So what have we been up to?

Boart Longyear Website

We launched a newly redesigned and redeveloped website for our long-time client Boart Longyear. This website is built on WordPress and is responsive between mobile and desktop. One of the greatest things about this project happened behind the scenes—a 7 month project plan with ZERO VARIANCE. Not one missed deadline, slipped date or feature creep that blew out the end date. This is pretty typical for us, but it’s especially noteworthy on a site that is so large (300+ pages and more than 500 tables of specification information on rigs), and has so many moving pieces and players.

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Big thanks to Kira for the design work and Val for the content migration (hours of making tables!).

Bruges Waffles & Frites

Nom, nom, nom. Waffles. Nom. Seriously, go get some waffles and frites with mayo. This was a pretty long project, but the end results speak for themselves. We were able to combine the owners’ personalities (why yes, that is a dancing waffle monster at the bottom), incredible food photography, history and images from Belgium and wrap that all into a clean, cozy, friendly website. This site is built on WordPress and has a separate mobile site that uses the same content as the main site. This is how we opt to build restaurant websites. 

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Big thanks to Kira for the design work and Amanda Nelson Photography for the photography.

Check out Amanda’s post about the project and her awesome photos here ›

Salt Lake Culinary Center

We are thrilled to work with Diane and Rich Sheya as they transform what has been the Viking Cooking School into Salt Lake Culinary Center. Why this happened is an interesting story. How fast this happened is part of our story. They called us in a rush a few weeks ago and we put up a quick little stop-gap website for them overnight. We didn’t have the bandwidth to take on the large site at that exact moment (see above!) but they were patient and the moment Boart Longyear launched we hopped on Salt Lake Culinary Center and released the site in just a few days. This site has lots of things to be added over the next few weeks but it’s already light years ahead of what they were working with. We can’t wait to share how this site grows!

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What’s next?

Well, a whole lot more Salt Lake Culinary Center (some incredible classes and private events and new ways to book those); we have taken a slew of new business calls and have our fingers crossed for a couple of them to land; a trip to Costa Rica and on the horizon a new site for us. Oh, and Amber owes someone a list of her favorite WP plugins, so that’s coming up next week. For now it’s time to celebrate!